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Individualogist.com is the leading resource for self-discovery, personal transformation, and archetypal information. With an active community of over 300,000 seekers, fans, subscribers, and customers, we have set our sights on delivering even more powerful information to impact the world.

Free Natal Chart Reading

Natal Charts

After an extensive amount of research, we've discovered the most convenient yet accurate metaphysical tool for precise predictions and telling insights.

By simply inputting just a few key details about yourself, our natal chart generator is able to plot and interpret a complete natal chart, presenting you, the seeker, with instantaenous answers to some of life's most important questions.

Whether you're uncertain of your strengths and weaknesses, or whether you're unsure of what's coming your way, your natal chart will give you the answers, and direction you need to make informed decisions for the holistic betterment of your life!

Certified Astrologer

We've combined our experience and analytical psychology resources with a certified and reputable Astrologer to create a powerful tool that generates natal charts on demand, complete with reliable interpretations and accurate predictions. Through this partnership, Individualogist hopes to impact and transform the lives of many more seekers for decades to come.

Membership Portal

Your free natal chart reading, along with any other natal chart related reports and programs, are all conveniently stored in a one-stop membership portal. With this enhanced method of delivery, seekers now have the ability to conveniently access their reports, tools, and readings in a single, unified area, from any device, and anywhere with an Internet connection.